SASA Training Camp Pamporovo February 2017

SASA Skiers Isabella Egerton,  Zac Egerton, Oliver Folloy-Marsh, Adam Harrison-Smith,  Laura Harrison-Smith,  Geno Hounsham and Logan Vickers took part in a race training camp during February half term.  The skiers were coached by Peter Todorov at his ski school, Interski Pamporovo, We were lucky to experience good weather throughout the week, especially for the first few days when the snowfall of our first night consolidated into a firm, grippy training surface.  Black 2, also known as “the wall”, provided a great training piste with a varied gradient and plenty of width to separate trainees from recreational skiers.  The northern aspect and relative high altitude ensured that the conditions on the piste remained good even later in the week when higher temperatures led to softer, wet conditions on lower and sunnier slopes.

Training was largely based on GS turns with a focus on posture and angulation, as well as building confidence to ski fast on steeper ground.  Afternoons were a chance to explore more widely both on piste and through the trees as a way to have fun an also to build wider skiing skills.

Skiers and their parents enjoyed the warm Bulgarian welcome, especially from the team at Interski, and a chance to socialise.  New friendships were formed and all pistes were explored while the children were training.  We look forward to future visits to Pamporovo, and thank Peter for his support.

Tony Smith

If you are interested in race training for February 2018,  please take a look at the News item from January,  where you can register interest for a trip to Italy.  We expect to get more details in late April/early May.

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