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Dear SASA members as you know our Southampton slope is still closed and we are unable to train there at present, hopefully we will be able to soon we are currently working behind the scenes to gain access to our slope. In the meantime we have been offered the opportunity to train at Snowtrax, we have been given the capacity for three groups of 5 to train simultaneously with each group having there own coach.

The session will be a Tuesday evening between 6 pm and 7.15pm. The first session is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th the cost of these sessions is £16.50 for under 16s and £20.60 for over 16s, booking should be done directly through Snowtrax.

Please spread the word and hopefully we can fill these sessions for the next few weeks if we are oversubscribed I’m sure there are a few of  us that would be happy to share a spot so our children at least get the opportunity to train once every couple of weeks. This session is specifically for SASA members and was instigated as a direct result of a very kind offer from Snowtrax and their coaches to help us get our kids back on the slopes.

Please support it if you can as we need a minimum of 10 children per the session to go ahead. We are also trying to organise other training opportunities at other slopes, if people don’t mind travelling there are other opportunities out there. If people are interested please let us know.

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