SASA Winter League 2 - RESULTS

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Results from Sunday 7th December's race are now available on the Winter League 2014 - 2015 page.

Message from Lesley below:

"Well done today to all racers and parents. With gremlins in the electronics and unsympathetic weather against us your patience was appreciated. A particular thanks to the racers who came to let us know that the circumstances hadn't affected their enjoyment; much appreciated.

While the extra warm up time might not have been planned, it helped a few of our newer races and possibly even some of the others, to achieve times in our 3 runs.


On run 3 we have an electronic time for every racer.

On run 1 and 2 we have given each racer the best time recorded by our team with the stopwatches. (and a big thank you to that team for helping)

Those times are consistent enough with the electronic time, for every racer, that we are confident we have given you the fairest outcome possible today.

I hope you enjoyed the mince pies

Have a good Christmas and see you all at the next one."

SASA Committee Meeting 4 December 2014

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Here are the minutes for The SASA Committee meeting held at on 4 December. SASA Committee Meeting 041214.docx

SASA AGM Chair's Address

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Attached is the Chair's address given at the SASA AGM on 16 November 2014 SASA CHAIRMAN 2014.docx

SASA Winter League Race 2 - Sunday 7th December START LIST

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The START LIST for the 2nd Winter League of the Series on Sunday 7th December is now available.  This is based on the current Acceptance List on the Winter League 2014 - 2015 page.

Please advise of any additions ASAP.

As usual the slope will be available from 0900 to 1100 and we hope to begin racing at 0930 or shortly afterwards.

SASA Winter League Race 1 - Sunday 16th November 2014

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Results from today's Winter League are now available.

There was some great racing across all the categories in difficult conditions.  The next race is on Sunday 7th December at the same time.  Entry forms and more information are on the Winter League 2014 - 2015 page.

Please check the ACCEPTANCE LIST to make sure you are included in the next race.

SASA Winter League 2014 Race 1 - START LIST

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The START LIST for Sunday's Winter League event is now available.

We now have 54 starters, which I think is a record, so thank you to everyone for your support.  The start list shows up to six runs, but with 54 starters I suspect we will probably be looking at four runs as our target; we will do what we can in the time.

More info on the Winter League 2014 - 2015 page.  Fingers crossed for good weather and don't forget the CAKES.

SASA Winter League Update

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The first race of this season's Winter League series is on Sunday 16th November at Southampton Alpine Centre, from 0900 to 1100.

Entries are still open but we will be preparing the Start List on Friday evening (14/11/2014) so please endeavour to get any entries in by then.

The current acceptance list can be found on the Winter League 2014 - 2015 page, as can the rules of entry.

For those of you who are new to the event, the slope will be open for a short practice session from 0900 and we will endeavour to get the timed runs underway by around 0930 with aim of getting as many runs as we can in before 1100.  Bib collection / registration will be from 0830.  Directions to the slope are on the How to Find Us page.

We will be running the traditional and ever-popular SASA CAKE SALE during the event.  Any cake donations for this would be much appreciated; all proceeds will go to club funds

Volunteers to help run the race are always welcome.  If you are able to assist in any way please make yourself known on the day.

SASA AGM 2014 - Sunday 16th November 2014

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To all SASA Members,

The 2014 SASA AGM will now be held at the later time of 13:00 in the Alpine Chalet at Southampton Ski Slope.  We have the Alpine Chalet for a limited time (13:00 to 14:00) so the meeting will start promptly and will have to conclude by 14:00.  The SASA Constitution can be found on the SASA website.


Minutes of the 2013 AGM.

Committee Posts

Nigel Greenfield, our current Chairman, has indicated that he will be standing down at this year’s AGM.

The following committee nominations have been received:

Lesley Gash
Peter Gash
Heather Goss
Rachel Harrison-Smith
Mike Hutchings
Mike Morrison
Kirsten Taylor
John Robinson
Matt Williams

The committee structure is 3 officers (Chair / Sec / Treasurer) + 5 Committee.

[The current (2013/2014) committee posts are as follows:

Chairman:    Nigel Greenfield
Secretary:    Matt Williams
Treasurer:    Lesley Gash
Committee:  Peter Gash
Committee:  Mike Morrison
Committee:  Heather Goss
Committee:  Mike Hutchings (co-opted)
Committee:  vacant]

Proposals / Motions

There were no formal proposals received but Lesley Gash has requested an additional agenda item for an informal discussion of possible constitutional changes, for consideration by next year’s committee / AGM.

Free Ringos Session

Active Nation has very kindly offered a complimentary Ringos session to all children of members attending the AGM. This Ringos session will run from 12:30 to 13:30.   Please advise me of names so that the session can be coordinated with the slope.

Matt Williams
SASA Secretary

SASA Landgraaf Camp October 2014 - Race Results

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Results from the camp challenge can be downloaded above; many thanks to Nigel Vincent for preparing these results.

In addition to prizes for the timed runs, awards were also given to Most Improved Trainee in each group, as follows:

Group 1: Nicole Groves
Group 2: Jason Targett

Congratulations to all the winners and camp participants.



SASA Landgraaf Camp - Wednesday Afternoon 29th October

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Photos from the SASA Landgraaf camp Wednesday afternoon:

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