Midlands and Gloucester Club Nationals 8 & 9 July 2017

This weekend saw the Midlands and Gloucester Club Nationals  take place at the Gloucester Dry Ski Slope. Once again the weather was on the warm side so racers took shade under the many gazebos erected along the side of the slope to keep cool  The slope is much longer than the Southampton slope and is aided by a water sprinkler system that chose to play up over the two days causing problems for the organisers but eventually all the races were completed.
SASA only had Geno Hounsham racing at the Midlands Club National on the Saturday with Harvey Stanley joining him on the Sunday for the Gloucester CN. Geno skied well in the boys under 12s but experienced a frustrating two days where he was sat in Third  position for his first two runs only to be pushed back to fourth place  on his final run on both days. Harvey put in some strong runs on the Sunday finishing sixth in the boys under 14s. Thanks must be given to Jordan Cooper of Ski Bitz Racing who took Geno through course inspection and Ben Vincent of Snowtrax who put Geno in Gate and this is always appreciated when senior skiers assist the juniors and minis.
Next stop is the SRSA fourth round at Aldershot this Weekend.

Shaun Hounsham