Training Day May 2017

Fabrizio Ghislanzoni,  Monica Paluch and Pete Todorov provided the coaching for 44 racers at  SASA’s training day on Sunday 7 May at the Alpine Centre in Southampton.

All the racers started the day with a run and off slope warm up before embarking on a day of on and off slope drills,  timed runs and team head-to-heads.

The pictures should tell the story,  but for old racing hands,  they were very pleased to see the the return of Fabrizio and excited to be getting top notch coaching from Monica and Pete,  some having been coached by one or both of them at ESSKIA and Pamporovo over the winter.

For skiers new to racing,  there was lots of enthusiastic feedback and we hope that you are inspired to come back and try some more racing.  Check out the website for the details of the training sessions and upcoming races!

Well done to Lucas Collyer-Todd and India Dusanjh-Auty as fastest male and female of the day and congratulations to Lucas,  Grant Messinger, Genevieve Cassidy and Sophie Trowbridge for winning the team head-to-head.

Thank you to the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to put the training day together,  to the coaches who, as ever,  provided great feedback to all the racers and thank you to the parents for supporting the event.

We aim to hold another training day in September and we also hope to repeat our secondhand kit sale – watch out for more details on the website.


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