Southern Schools Race 16 June 2019


Thank you to all the volunteers for organising the race and helping out today.  races don’t run without a lot of people giving their time!

We hope to see you all for the training day in September and for racing at the next Winter League

SSO 19 Cat 3

SSO 19 Cat 1

SSO 19 Cat 2

SSO 19 Ind

The Southern Schools Open races are organised by the Southampton Area Ski Association (SASA) and will comprise Age Group Races in the following categories:

CAT1 – Pupils in School Year 6 and below

CAT2 – Pupils in School Years 7, 8 and 9

CAT3 – Pupils School Years 10 and above (up to age U19)

The races are for School Teams, consisting of a maximum of FOUR skiers and a minimum of THREE skiers.

Prizes will be awarded to Teams within each age category. Individual prizes will also be awarded.

Please use this poster to advertise the event at your school.

SASA Southern Schools Open 2019 Poster

Acceptance Bulletin

Acceptance Bulletin

acceptance list

Entry Fee & Entry Procedure:

Southern Schools Open 2019

Southern Schools Open Individual SASA Racer 2019

Southern Schools Open Snowsports England Day Membership 2019

Entry will close on Sunday 9 June.  Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.  This is because there is a large amount of race preparation required by the volunteers,  who have to fit it in to their normal lives!

We have a limit of 120 racers as any this is the maximum number of racers and supporters that we can comfortably accommodate at the slope.  If we reach that number before 9 June,  we will close the entry early.

Rules of Entry

    • Teams, shall consist of a maximum of FOUR skiers and a minimum of THREE skiers, and be comprised of current pupils from the same school.
    • Teams can be comprised of any combination of genders.
    • A team may be made up of school pupils of any age – the team must compete in the age group of the oldest skier in the team on the day of the Qualifier.
    • No skier may race in more than one team.
    • The race will consist of two runs over the same slalom course.
    • The team score will be the aggregate of the best three times for each run.       If fewer than three team members complete a run, the team will be disqualified.
    • Each school group attending the races must be in the charge of a designated adult, preferably a member of the school staff.
    • Whilst primarily an event for school teams, individual entries will be accepted from SASA members who are unable to raise a school team.
    • In the event of the event being oversubscribed entries will be accepted in order of receipt.
    • Competitors must wear helmets, long sleeves, long trousers and gloves and ski pole tips must be fitted with bungs.
    • The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any racer whose competence brings safety into question.
    • Failure to return a bib will result in a £25 fine.
  • Volunteer officials from participating schools are required to assist in the running of the event. Each School is requested to indicate on the entry form the name of its designated official. One official per school team is required.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment