About Us


The club has existed since June 2001, when it began life as Otterbourne Primary Ski Club. The purpose was to teach children to ski in order to maintain the school ski team which had been participating in the English Championships since 1999.

Word got out however, and very soon there were children from many schools local to the Southampton area who were also keen to take part.

In 2004 the name was changed to the Southampton Area Ski Association, or SASA, to represent this expanded interest and in January 2006 the club registered with the governing body, Snowsport England

Running the Club

The club is run entirely by volunteers.  Everyone involved in the club got involved through their children and give up their time to organise races,  training days,  kit sales and training camps.

If you would like to get involved either on race days or on a more regular basis, we are always very keen for people to get involved.  You don’t need to have an experience of race training,  just an enthusiasm to get involved.  If you are interested,  speak to any of or the committee at the next race or SASA Tuesday training session,  or send an email to secretary@skisasa.co.uk

The Committee

The committee comprises:

Lesley Gash

Rachel Harrison-Smith

Mike Hutchings

Southern Region Ski Association Rep
Ben White

Committee Member
Peter Gash

Committee Member
Kirsten Groves

Committee Member
Lucy Hounsham

Committee Member
Liz Miller

Committee Member
Giles Stanley

SASA Coach
Fabrizio Ghislanzoni

SASA Coach
Giacomo Ghislanzoni

SASA Coach
Monica Paluch

The committee normally meets at monthly intervals and anyone can attend.  Minutes are produced from each meeting.  We do not routinely publish minutes but any member is entitled to request to see them.  If you would like to see copies of minutes,  please contact secretary@skisasa.co.uk